Who we are

We are an artisan laboratory for the production of gluten-free foods. Our passion was born in 2012. We started with a small gastronomy and year after year we transformed the passion into a real job. Finally we are pleased to present you our choice of handmade, guaranteed and certified items: each product is of quality, free of preservatives thanks to the use of the best raw materials and the utmost care and attention at every stage of the production process. In addition to our artisan range, you can find a wide selection of items from the best brands on the market. Certifications: Decree No. AIP 0807 is the authorization of the Ministry of Health which allows the production and sale of products for celiacs, after having verified and identified the hygienic-sanitary conditions as safe. We are part of the "Nutrition away from home" project promoted by AIC, the Italian Celiac Association.