Farabella Xanthan gum

Farabella Gomma di Xantano

Farabella Xanthan gum

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Xanthan gum (E415)

What's this?

Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide that derives from the fermentation of a carbohydrate with natural strains of Xanthomonas campestris. It is used as a thickener and stabilizer, it is particularly suitable for gluten-free doughs of various food products as it helps to give consistency. Gluten-free flours mix poorly because the glue that unites them is missing: gluten. This is why, if you mix gluten-free flour, it is not difficult to find yourself with a crumbled and hard compound, very difficult to work even if you have used the amount of water required by the recommended recipes: xanthanum acts by making the dough soft, uniform and workable. It is a pulverized natural rubber, it is used very little because its purpose is only to make the dough soft and workable: generally 1-2 grams of Xanthan are calculated per 100 grams of gluten-free flour of any type (larger quantities would make excessive hard dough that would become unusable). Its use is useful both in "hard" doughs such as pizza, bread and dry pasta in general because it helps a lot to compact and make the bases beautiful stable while, in desserts, it is especially used in leavened products which, thanks to its "gluing" power , makes it softer and more cohesive.

Cnf 150gr



Energy value Kcal 150 / Kj 610

Protein 0.0 g

Carbohydrates 74.0 g

of which sugars 2.0 g

Fat 0.0 g

of which Saturated 0.0 g


Salt 0.0 g

Gomma di Xantano (E415)

Valore Energetico Kcal 150 / Kj 610
Proteine 0,0 g
Carboidrati 74,0 g
di cui Zuccheri 2,0 g
Grassi 0,0 g
di cui Saturi 0,0 g
Sale 0,0 g

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