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Probios Veggie Chips

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Non-fried vegetable chips.

70% less fat

Cnf 40gr

Ingredients: *Potato flakes 53%, *Rice flour, *Vegetable oils (*Sunflower, *Mais), *Dried vegetables in varying proportions 4% (*Spinach, *Carrot, *Red beet), Salt, *Curcuma powder. Biological


Average values for 100 gr.
Energetic value 392 kcal / 1655 kJ
Protein 7,7 gr.
Carbohydrates 71 gr.
of which sugars 2,2 gr.
Fats 7,3 gr.
of which saturated 1,0 gr.
Dietary fibres 5,7 gr.
Salt 1,4 gr.