Dabon Erythritol 500g

Dabon Erythritol 500g

Dabon Erythritol 500g

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Cnf 500g

What is it?

Ideal as a substitute non-caloric of sugar in beverages and thanks to its moderately sweet taste, without aftertaste, and its consistency is excellent as a sweetener in baked goods.

Erythritol inhibits the growth of Streptococcus mutans and is not converted into acids by the bacteria present in the mouth so it acts as a caries-limiting agent in combination with xylitol. Erythritol is certified as a tooth-friendly product.


  • Zero Calories
  • Zero effects on blood sugar
  • Non Genic Acid
  • Acariogenic (does not cause tooth decay and prevents plaque deposit)
  • High digestive tolerance
  • Sweeps free radicals
  • Antioxidant
  • Protects endothelium
  • Reduces fructose absorption
  • Certified Tooth-Friendly

The small molecule of erythritol is absorbed by diffusion in the small intestine (90%) and the remaining 10% in the large intestine. Therefore, the absorbed erythritol is rapidly distributed in the tissues. Its metabolism is minimal and renal reabsorption is also scarce so it is excreted almost completely in the urine. Erythritol has a much higher digestive tolerance than other polyalcohols.

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